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FAN Token’s New Online Home Is LIVE at FANToken.Network

Posted by Sohrob Farudi

If you’ve been following the development of the FCFL for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that lately we’ve been talking more and more about the FAN (Fan Access Network) Token. We thought it was about time we gathered up all you need to know about the FAN Token in one awesome site @

We pushed the site live last week and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s worth a quick visit to check out. You can learn why we decided to create the FAN Token, how it will act to unlock fan power in the FCFL, various ways you can utilize Tokens, and how you can earn and buy them.

As many of you know, we tested our concept of Fan Controlled Football with our very successful endeavor with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. Based on how well-received the opportunity for fans to control team-wide decision-making was, we decided to launch an entire league: the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL)!  In thinking about how to manage fan votes and all manner of fan interactivity with transparency, we evaluated new technologies and determined that the creation of the FCFL on a distributed ledger blockchain which utilized a utility token would be the ideal set up. This structure creates a mechanism for rewarding fan engagement and bestowing increased power on the most active – and accurate – fans. Thus was born: FAN Token.

With the launch of the FCFL, fans will have a variety of ways to earn tokens: voting on team decisions and play calls, reading content about their favorite team, watching games and game film, scouting players, writing player reports, streaming their own content, and so forth. Fans will also have a variety of ways to use their tokens, chief among them, staking them for increased voting power. Additionally, they’ll be able to redeem tokens for unique experiences, discounts on official merchandise, and access to limited edition merchandise.

But the FCFL is just the first application of FAN Token. We see FAN Token as a digital asset which any professional sports team, league, event, organization or even sponsor, can leverage for greater fan engagement and support. And, this means that fans who acquire FAN Tokens would be empowered to utilize them across a global FAN Token ecosystem.

If you can’t wait to start earning your FAN Tokens, there is a short window of time during which you can both earn them and purchase them. That’s where our public token sale comes in. It’s your one and only opportunity to purchase as many FAN Tokens as you want. First, if you join our referral program you can receive up to 10,000 free Tokens for spreading the gospel with friends and family. Second, our public sale is scheduled for this April at an estimated price of $0.01 USD per Token. We are offering a private presale where you can buy FAN Tokens in advance of the public offering and get a 50% bonus on the quantity of tokens you receive for getting in early. This is not open to everyone, so you will need to first submit a short application and if approved we will send you the necessary details to get involved – apply now to get in the queue before its too late @

And if you’re really ready to geek out on all there is to know about FAN Tokens, don’t just hit up, check out our FAN Token Ecosystem Blog post and download and read our whitepaper. And then if you have any questions, you might find them answered in our FAQs, and if you don’t – or you just want to chat – hit us up on Telegram where you can find all of our founders interacting and more than 41,000 other interested FAN Token enthusiasts.

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