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Applications of FAN Token: Basketball

By Jason Chilton

FAN Token Worldwide:  The Fan Controlled Basketball League

The FAN Token Worldwide Series illustrates how the Fan Access Network (FAN) Platform and FAN Token could be used to drive fan engagement and enhance experiences in sports besides football and leagues around the world besides the Fan Controlled Football League.

NOTE:  This series does not state or imply that FAN Token will eventually be deployed in any or all of these scenarios.  Instead, it is simply intended to provide a vision for the possible future of fan-controlled sports.

A FAN Token Chronicle

October 18, 2022 – A Day in the Fan Controlled Basketball League

9:30 AM – Markus is putting the finishing touches on a trade proposal that figures to shake up his team’s season.  His team, the Dragons, is sitting on the edge of playoff eligibility in the Fan Controlled Basketball League.  A member of the Dragons’ Virtual Front Office, Markus is one of the fans who helps guide his team’s fortunes by scouting players and proposing roster moves.  Another Dragons fan, Aleksander, has recently created an advanced stats algorithm that measures a player’s Plus-Minus Impact per 100 shots. The algorithm shows that the Dragons’ point guard, despite gaudy topline stats, is hurting the team with inefficient play.  Markus proposes that the Dragons trade their point guard for another team’s guard who is a better perimeter defender and who doesn’t have to dominate the ball to get his offense clicking. Markus includes the statlines in his proposal and sends it out to the team’s fan base.  

11:30 AM – Stefanie’s mobile alerts her that there’s a potential trade to vote on.  She opens her FANchise mobile app to view the trade proposal and reads Markus’ writeup and the advanced stat profiles.  Even though she thinks the Dragons’ point guard is exciting to watch, the stats make a compelling case and she votes Yes on the trade.   

2:30 PM – Peter spends five FAN Tokens to purchase a “Wax Pack” of FCBL Player Tokens.  The Player tokens are non-fungible ERC721 tokens with different levels of rarity that unlock unique experiences as well as rewards sharing when the Player achieves per-game or full-season bonuses.  Peter “opens” his pack of Player Tokens and is excited to see that he received a Rare token for the Dragons’ star small forward! He knows that he could turn around and offer it on the league’s Token Trading Marketplace and get back more FAN Tokens than he spent on the entire pack, but he’s not about to give it up.

3:30 PM – Every Dragons fan gets an alert to their mobile phone – Markus’ proposed trade was approved by both teams’ fans, so they’ll be welcoming a new point guard to their roster.  Stefanie and the other fans who voted on the trade will receive a FAN Token Engagement Bonus, and Markus receives a substantial FAN Token reward for doing the work to propose an accepted trade.

6:00 PM – Peter is chatting live with the Dragons’ small forward during the team’s pre-game shootaround.  Holders of Rare player tokens are able to bid FAN Tokens on unique experiences, and Peter put in a winning bid for a five-minute chat with his favorite player.  As they trade stories, Peter overhears the small forward receiving instruction from H.O.L.G.E.R., the Dragons’ Virtual Shooting Coach. Dragons fans voted to spend part of the team’s FAN Token allotment on ShotSleeves – sensor-embedded fabrics that comprise a sleeve on the players’ shooting arm.  The ShotSleeves track the biomechanics of each shot, and a machine learning algorithm relays real-time feedback on any repeated flaws in the player’s shooting stroke which are then relayed through the Virtual Coach app.

6:45 PM – In one of the Dragons’ Twitch Extensions, Anja creates a prop bet that her team will make more than 6.5 three-pointers in the contest.  That is a full make more than their season average, but her review of the Heat Charts from their opponent’s last six games indicate that while they boast a strong interior defense, they have trouble recovering and closing out on shooters.  She places some of her FAN Tokens on the over, and fans from the Dragons as well as other teams place their own wagers on either side of the prop.

7:25 PM – The Dragons are trailing by three points at the start of the second quarter. Jonas reviews the custom Highlight and Stat Pack from the first quarter and realizes that while the team’s new point guard is managing the offense well, the opponent’s center is creating havoc when the Dragons try to score close to the basket.  A Virtual Assistant Coach in the team’s Virtual Front Office, Jonas recommends a Tactical Change to run more pick-and-pop plays in order to pull the opponent’s center away from the basket. Fans choose that option and it’s relayed into the team’s huddle before the second quarter begins.

8:15 PM – Midway through the third quarter, Dirk is on the team’s Discord Voice Chat imploring his fellow fans to consider another Tactical Change.  Dirk wants to go with a smaller lineup, allowing their best on-ball defender to come off the bench to challenge the opponent’s best shooter while also giving the Dragons a better chance at staying with their opponents on switches.   The move works – not only do they start getting stops on their opponent’s star, but the smaller lineup forces the opponent’s center out of the game and opens up more lanes to the basket. The Dragons’ small forward completes a three-point play with twelve seconds to go, and the team holds on for a hard-earned victory.

8:40 – The post-game voting is complete, and the Dragons’ small forward has been named the game’s MVP.  That award comes with a FAN Token bonus that is distributed to the player AND the fans who hold his Player Tokens.  Peter definitely isn’t getting rid of his Player Token now!

Power to the FANS!

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