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Applications of FAN Token: Cricket

By Jason Chilton

FAN Token Worldwide: The Fan Controlled Cricket League

The FAN Token Worldwide Series illustrates how the Fan Access Network (FAN) Platform and FAN Token could be used to drive fan engagement and enhance experiences in sports besides football and leagues around the world besides the Fan Controlled Football League.

NOTE:  This series does not state or imply that FAN Token will eventually be deployed in any or all of these scenarios.  Instead, it is simply intended to provide a vision for the possible future of fan-controlled sports.

A FAN Token Fan Diary – Aarav and The Fan Controlled Cricket League

April 13, 2023:  It’s 10:30 at night in Delhi, but Aarav Patel is determined to wrap up one more scouting report before bed.  An avid fan of the Fan Controlled Cricket League’s Golden Lions, Aarav is also a member of the Golden Lion’s Virtual Front Office.  As a fan scout, he is putting together as many detailed scouting reports as he can on the more than 300 players who will be under consideration in the FCCL’s upcoming Player Auction.  The scouting report that Aarav is building now is for a young batsman and it includes numerical rankings on five key attributes as well as an array of statistics and video links to the player’s junior cricket highlights.  

Wrapping up the report, Aarav posts it to his team’s Player Database where it will join the other twelve profiles that he has created.  His team’s fans will be able to view the report as well as the aggregate ratings that he and other scouts have put together. Aarav receives a FAN Token bonus in his FCCL Fan Wallet for every completed profile, as well as additional bonuses as fans upvote his profiles for containing insightful content about the players he’s reviewed.

May 3, 2023:  In the midst of the FCCL’s annual Salary Allocation, Aarav is making a pair of bids on one of the talented batsmen that he had previously profiled.  Each team in the FCCL has an annual salary cap, and the team’s fans collectively decide how much to bid on each player. It’s a very strategic process – “all-rounders” who show great skill in both batting and fielding as well as talented bowlers can make a major difference in a team’s fortunes, but concentrating too much salary in star players can make it difficult to build a talented top-to-bottom roster.  The allocation process for this player has come down to the Golden Lions against one other team, and Aarav votes for the Golden Lions to increase their bid to the next increment. Since he is one of his team’s larger holders of FAN Tokens, his vote carries considerable weight and the team increases its bid. The other team bows out, and the player’s contract now belongs to the Golden Lions.

At the same time, Aarav is bidding some of his personal FAN Tokens on that player’s personal tokens.  When any player is signed to an FCCL contract, the League mints an allotment of Player Tokens for that player.  Players can accrue bonuses for single-game performances and full-season awards as well as championship bonuses if their team claims the FCCL Title.  Those -player-specific bonuses are paid out in FAN Tokens to the holders of that player’s Tokens, which will include the player himself as well as fans since the players make some of their Tokens available for fans to purchase.  Aarav decides that he’ll make a bid for 1,000 of the batsman’s Player Tokens at a rate of .05 FAN Tokens per Player Token. All of the bid amounts are calculated, and Aarav’s bid is high enough that he receives the full amount that he bid on. At the conclusion of the allocation process, 50 FAN Tokens are transferred from Aarav’s wallet to the player, and 1,000 Player Tokens appear in Aarav’s wallet. If the player performs as well as Aarav thinks he can, then they will both share in the rewards.  

May 19, 2023:  The Golden Lions played yesterday, but Aarav is still glued to the FCCL’s Twitch Channel watching the final overs of a match that will determine his Fantasy winnings for the week.  At the start of the week, Aarav chose to play a head-to-head Fantasy game against a randomly-selected opponent. They each wagered 20 FAN Tokens, and then bid on FCCL players to fill out their Fantasy roster based on per-player prices generated by a league algorithm.  Over the course of that week’s games, their lineups score points based on the individual players’ statistics and bonus achievements like hitting for 50 or a century, hitting multiple fours or sixes or taking wickets. Throughout that week’s games, an overlay in the Twitch stream has allowed Aarav to quickly check the status of his contest.  In the last over of the match, Aarav’s batsman hits a four and puts his Fantasy squad over the top. Once the results are verified, the FAN Token wagered on the matchup goes into Aarav’s Wallet minus a small percentage claimed by the League.

June 3, 2023: The night before a crucial match, Aarav is voting to set the Golden Lions’ batting order and determine the team’s twelfth-man selection from the bench.  A number of the team’s fans want to make a move in the lineup and demote one of the team’s star batsmen who has struggled in the past three matches. However, after reviewing some of the advanced statistics, Aarav is convinced that the player has been battling bad luck more than poor form.  According to the statistics, the player’s dismissal from getting bowled was due to a ball that featured exceptional movement, and in another match the player was caught out on a hard-hit ball that would have gone for runs in more than 90% of similar situations. Aarav makes his case on the team’s Discord chat and votes to keep the player at his customary spot in the batting order.  The majority of voting power agrees with the decision, and the player’s underlying skill shows through as he rewards his fans with a pair of sixes and a sparkling 56 runs for the match.

June 19, 2023:  Using a cool data plugin devised by another of the Golden Lions’ fans, Aarav is using advanced data to help guide his team’s defensive performance.  With one of the opponent’s most feared batsmen in the crease, Aarav selects an aggressive defensive alignment for the Lions’ fielders that increases the risk of runs, but also ups the chances of catching the batsman out.  He opts for such an aggressive setup because he thinks his bowler’s spin-heavy style plus the weathered condition of the pitch is likely to cause a mishit despite the batsman’s all-around skill. He calls for a slider that will break away from the batsman, and the bowler delivers a superb ball that glances off the edge of the bat and is snagged by one of the Golden Lions’ slip fielders.  Retiring such a dangerous batsman significantly increases the team’s chances of winning the match.

July 3, 2023: Aarav and his friends watch with glee as Aarav makes an appearance in the Golden Lions’ pregame broadcast on the team’s Twitch Channel!  Using the FCCL Mobile App, Aarav put together his own two-minute recap of the Lions’ dramatic win in the previous match featuring video recorded on his phone plus a selection of highlight clips that he chose through the league’s API feature.  His submission was chosen as the team’s FANCast of the Day, and Aarav receives not only a FAN Token bonus but also the thrill of appearing in front of his team’s entire fan base.

Power To The FANS!

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