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Applications of FAN Token: Racing Series

By Jason Chilton

FAN Token Worldwide:  The Fan Controlled Racing Series

The FAN Token Worldwide Series illustrates how the Fan Access Network (FAN) Platform and FAN Token could be used to drive fan engagement and enhance experiences in sports besides football and leagues around the world besides the Fan Controlled Football League.

NOTE:  This series does not state or imply that FAN Token will eventually be deployed in any or all of these scenarios.  Instead, it is simply intended to provide a vision for the possible future of fan-controlled sports and fan engagement.  

Stuttgart, Germany 4/15/2022:  It’s a week before the Fan Controlled Racing Series starts its second season of racing, following a remarkably successful first year. An official Formula 3 series governed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) with races on three continents, the FCRS allows fans worldwide to gain unprecedented access and engagement with the series and its roster of up-and-coming drivers thanks to its integration with the Fan Access Network and FAN Token. Markus, an FCRS fan, has just exchanged some of the FAN Tokens that he earned last season for digital packs of the FCRL’s Racer Tokens – non-fungible digital collectible tokens of the series’ drivers which also unlock unique experiences and rewards. Markus opens five digital “packs” of Racer Tokens and is excited to see that he’s gotten a Rare token for one of the FCRS’ new drivers who grew up only a few miles from Markus’ hometown.

Dallas, Texas 4/15/2022:  Halfway around the world, the FCRS gains a new fan as Jack convinces his buddy Tyler to give the league a try.  Tyler downloads the Fan Access Network’s mobile application to his smartphone and selects the Fan Controlled Racing Series tab.  Inside the app he sees that the FCRS has already placed a FAN Token in his FAN Wallet, enabling him to start voting and engaging with FCRS content. He places a vote for the location of the FCRS Invitational, a post-season “all-star” race that will feature top drivers from the FCRS as well as other worldwide Formula 3 series.

Yeongam, South Korea 4/22/2022:  The day before the season’s first race at the Korea International Circuit, Hyun-Woo makes his Starting Grid Vote for the race. While three of the four spots along the front row are determined by the season’s standings – or last season’s top three returning scorers for this opening race – FCRS fans are able to vote on who’ll sit in the fourth spot.  

Osaka, Japan 5/7/2022:  During the FCRS race at the Suzuka Circuit, Daisuke opens up the FCRS Twitch Channel and selects the Pit Row Pass section – a premium all-access channel featuring unique camera angle replays, post-match analysis from drivers and more that is free for him to view because of his FAN Token holdings. He takes part in the members-only chat and, after the race, gets to take part in a Q&A session with three of the Japanese drivers who competed in that day’s race.

Barcelona, Spain 5/21/2022:  Carlos is experiencing race action like never before thanks to a partnership between Twitch, Intel and the FCRS, receiving FAN Tokens in exchange for taking part in their pilot Virtual Reality program. Viewing a custom stream in Twitch VR, Carlos experiences the story of the race through a constantly changing series of camera angles, from drivers’ perspective shots to overhead drone footage. An AI program stitches the shots together based on data streaming from the race, and inside Carlos’ headset an eye-tracking setup monitors where Carlos is looking to get feedback on what elements best draw his focus.  

Manchester, UK 5/28/2022:  Midway through the day’s race, Ben creates a custom prediction bet through a Twitch extension that is served up to FCRS viewers.  Based on data through the first 30 laps, Ben has created a prop on which of four drivers will lead the race’s final 30 laps along with odds on each driver.  Fans are able to wager FAN Tokens directly through the Twitch extension, and at the conclusion of the race Ben receives a portion of the total FAN Token wagered for creating the market.   

Prenois, France 6/4/2022:  It’s not a race day for the FCRS, but Philippe is still going head to head with several of the Series’ top drivers.  Phillipe received FAN Token for downloading a mobile racing app for his phone from one of the FCRS sponsors, Red Bull Racing. All FCFL fans who downloaded the app participated in a contest, and Phillipe and the other top scorers are now taking part in a virtual in-app race against ten FCRS drivers who are racing on their own mobile devices.  Phillipe finishes second, receiving a 5,000 FAN Token prize from the sponsor.

Austin, Texas 7/16/2022:  It’s the final FCRS race of the season, and both Tyler and Jack have driven down from Dallas to take very special parts in the proceedings. As one of the FCRS’ top 50 FAN Token holders, Jack has a standing invitation to spend a race in his home country in Pit Row. Glancing up towards the platform overlooking the Circuit of the Americas course, Jack sees Tyler, who entered 50 FAN Tokens into a contest to get to wave the green flag the season’s final race. Tyler grins at his buddy, waves the flag and they’re off!

Stuttgart, Germany 9/18/2022:  Markus opens his Fan Access Network app to find a sizeable amount of new FAN Tokens in his Wallet.  Markus had collected a number of the Rare tokens of his favorite driver as the season went on, and so was eligible for the Promotion Payout that the FCRS offers to fans who hold the Rare tokens of drivers who move up to the next level of pursuing their F1 racing dreams.  

Power To The FANS!

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