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Applications of FAN Token – Rugby

By Jason Chilton

FAN Token Worldwide:  FAN Token and the Rugby World Cup

The FAN Token Worldwide Series illustrates how the Fan Access Network (FAN) Platform and FAN Token could be used to drive fan engagement and enhance experiences in sports besides football and leagues around the world besides the Fan Controlled Football League.

NOTE:  This series does not state or imply that FAN Token will eventually be deployed in any or all of these scenarios.  Instead, it is simply intended to provide a vision for the possible future of fan-controlled sports and fan engagement.  

In May 2021, World Rugby announces a multilateral partnership with Heineken, Twitch and FAN Token to drive fan engagement for the sport’s signature event, the Rugby World Cup. Rugby fans worldwide who earn or acquire FAN Tokens will be able to unlock a wide range of exclusive content and experiences as well as voting on crucial aspects of the tournament. The first voting opportunity is a big one – when the World Rugby Council meets in November to decide the host country for the 2027 Rugby World Cup, the fan vote will count alongside the votes of the Council to determine where the tournament will be played. Fans who hold FAN Tokens in their FAN Wallets will be able to cast their votes for one of the four bid finalists. Heineken, the worldwide partner of World Rugby, announces an ongoing lottery where fans can submit QR codes from purchased 12-packs of Heineken to earn FAN Tokens and power their votes.

In early 2022, voting begins for matters relating to the 2023 Rugby World Cup.  Fans get to vote on a set of three proposed rule changes for the qualifying tournaments and 2023 World Cup, ultimately choosing to allow an unlimited number of players to participate in line outs. Fans from around the world are also able to submit their designs for the official match ball of the tournament, with submissions accepted until June and voting taking place in July and August. 

As the worldwide qualifying events unfold, World Rugby begins to issue ERC-721 non-fungible tokens for the national teams of each qualifying country as well as Player Tokens for the players on that country’s national side. Fans who hold a certain amount of FAN Tokens automatically receive random digital “packs” of both Team and Player Tokens, and fans can also purchase packs or trade individual tokens within the FAN Token Marketplace. An allotment of FAN Tokens will be distributed to fans who hold the Team tokens of the 2023 tournament winners. Throughout the tournament, World Rugby will hold the official Fantasy Games of the Rugby World Cup, as fans can field their Starting 15 made up of players from all of the qualifying teams – as long as they hold the Player Tokens of the players they select. A brisk trade develops as fans seek out Team and Player tokens as both unique digital collectibles and ways to earn more FAN Tokens and other exclusive prizes.

As the World Cup draws closer, fans who hold FAN Tokens are able to access exclusive content about their favorite teams and players on Twitch, the worldwide streaming partner of World Rugby for the 2023 and 2027 World Cups. In the Heineken Match Report, fans are able to go behind the scenes to witness practices, exclusive interviews with players and coaches and halftime locker room content throughout the qualifying tournaments. Fans who engage with exclusive World Cup content are able to bid some of their FAN Tokens on exclusive tickets for the sold-out tournament matches.

When the tournament arrives, fans who hold FAN Tokens and the tournament’s unique Team and Player Tokens continue to enjoy a host of exclusive experiences and access.  Before, during and after every match the Heineken Match Report offers behind-the-scenes access and exclusive content and commentary from current and former players and coaches along with the ability for fans to choose their own camera angles as they enjoy the matches. Each round of the tournament from pool play to the finals features its own Player Token-driven fantasy contest, with the top scorers receiving FAN Tokens and tickets to the 2027 World Cup. Fans who collect a certain amount of an individual Player or Team’s Tokens have the right to “burn” those tokens in exchange for a unique Super Token that gives them the chance to chat live with their favorite players as well as receive a signed jersey from that player.  

With worldwide mobile, digital and streaming engagement breaking all tournament records, the World Rugby Council congratulates themselves on a job well done – and on using FAN Token to power an unparalleled experience for their fans.

Power To The FANS!

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