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The FAN Token Ecosystem

The Fan Access Network and FAN Tokens are going to revolutionize the experience of being a sports fan, and the FCFL will be the first league built on and powered by the Fan Access Network.

But how does the FAN Token ecosystem work?

First off, you need to start with some FAN Tokens.  Every fan who registers a Fan Account with the Fan Access Network will have a small amount of FAN Token seeded into their FAN Wallet.  The FAN Wallet is an easy-to-use wallet that lets you manage your FAN Tokens – it’s technically a cryptocurrency wallet, but you won’t have to know anything about cryptocurrency to easily and safely manage your FAN Tokens.  For the FCFL, you’ll be able to access and manage your FAN Wallet and FAN Tokens through the FCFL Mobile App.

FAN Tokens unlock your ability to control your favorite team by voting in a couple of crucial ways.  The first is transparency – since every vote made with every FAN Token will become a part of the blockchain, there will always be a permanent, public and indisputable record of every vote.  You’ll always be able to trust that you and your fellow fans control every decision that gets made.  The second is power – the more FAN Tokens you have, the more weight your votes will have.  If you want a more powerful vote, that’s where our public token sale comes in.  It’s your one and only opportunity to purchase as many FAN Tokens as you want to make sure that YOUR voice is heard loud and clear from the very start.  In the FCFL, FAN Tokens will power your votes on everything from picking your team’s name and logo to drafting players and calling plays.  When you register for the FAN Token Sale, you’ll specify an ERC20-compatible wallet address where we’ll initially send your FAN Tokens.   At the conclusion of the Token Sale, all the FAN Tokens that will ever exist will be generated and we’ll send yours to the wallet that you specified.

As soon as the full FCFL Ecosystem goes live, we’ll send you instructions on how to send your FAN Tokens to your FAN Wallet.  Your FAN Tokens are YOURS and you’re always free to hold them wherever you like, but only FAN Tokens that are held in your FAN Wallet will impact your individual voting power.  For even more voting power, you can choose to stake some or all of your FAN Tokens to your FAN Wallet.  In the FCFL, you’ll have the option to stake your FAN Tokens for the duration of the first FCFL season.  Staking your FAN Tokens means that you won’t be able to take them out of the FCFL ecosystem until the end of the first season, but staked FAN Tokens will count DOUBLE in determining your voting power.

Whether you’re starting with a lot of FAN Tokens or only a few, you’ll always have the chance to earn more FAN Tokens simply by being an active and engaged fan!  At regular intervals, you’ll receive a FAN Token Reward that’s sent straight to your FAN Wallet.   In the FCFL, you’ll earn FAN Tokens for engagement by voting in polls, reading content, watching videos and more.  You’ll also be able to earn skill-based FAN Token rewards for things like being a successful play-caller – the more yards and touchdowns your team gains on plays you call, the higher your score and the greater amount of FAN Tokens you’ll earn.  You’ll always earn at least some FAN tokens if you’re active and engaged, and if you pass certain thresholds you’ll be in the running for randomly-generated bonus FAN Token awards that could bring you 100x or 500x the typical engagement reward!

Part of what makes the Fan Access Network Protocol and FAN Tokens so exciting is that they enable a dynamic league ecosystems where everyone is able to share in the rewards of an exciting and growing league.  In addition to earning engagement- and skill-based FAN Token rewards, fans will be able to earn FAN Tokens for making contributions to that ecosystem.  Want to create blog posts and highlight videos for your team, watch film and write scouting reports on potential players, co-stream one of our games on Twitch to add your own color commentary or develop algorithms to pull insights out of our on-field player data, if you’re creating content that’s valued by the community, you’ll be rewarded with FAN Tokens in the form of rewards distributions from the League Wallet or premium content payments from other fans.

Of course, the biggest reason to earn all this FAN Token is to amplify your voice…  Your voting power will always be a function of the total amount of FAN Token you hold in your FAN Wallet, the amount of FAN Token you’ve staked and the amount of FAN Token you’ve earned within the last week.  Holding more FAN Token will always mean more voting power, but this approach also ensures that you’ll have some solid voting power for being a dedicated and engaged fan even if you don’t (yet) have a huge supply of FAN Tokens in your Wallet.  While the algorithms we’ll use to determine voting power may be complex, they’ll also live right on the blockchain – you’ll always be able to understand how your voting power stacks up with your fellow fans.

While holding FAN Tokens is all you’ll need to power your votes, you’ll also be able to spend some of the FAN Tokens from your FAN Wallet to get everything from discounts on official team merchandise to the chance to have unique experiences.  In the FCFL, you’ll be able to bid on one-of-a-kind opportunities like getting to warm up your team’s QB on the field before the game!

In the future, we’ll develop new fan-controlled leagues in other sports as well as deploying the Fan Access Network to existing leagues that want to take their fan engagement to the next level.  FAN Token will always serve as the core token of the Fan Access Network – any time a new league joins the Fan Access Network, they will stake an amount of FAN Tokens to create a new FAN-compliant sub-token for their league ecosystem.  This means that every token for every league in the Fan Access Network can be exchanged for FAN Tokens or any other FAN-compliant tokens.  If you’ve got FAN Tokens, you’ll be able to take part in any Fan Access Network league, any time you choose.

We’re excited to launch the Fan Access Network and FAN Token and make history with the FCFL, the world’s first fan-controlled professional sports league.  Don’t miss out – get some FAN Tokens and see what we mean when we say Power to the Fans!

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  1. lenini March 5, 2018

    Super project

  2. Cynthia Clark March 10, 2018

    How does the fan token work as an investment? Exactly how do you purchase? Do you connect with a bank acct. or do you need to by bitcoin first. What do you do when, and if, you want to divest from the investment?

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