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FAN Token Founders, with Grant Cohen

The FCFL, powered by the FAN Token, will soon kick off and launch a new era in the professional sports landscape; one where the very foundation of league operations and fandom are completely flipped, and power is turned over to the fans who truly sustain the sport with their energy, passion, and dollars. But while the implementation of such a flipped model of management (no longer done behind closed doors by an elite few, but rather very publicly by a decentralized vote) is a brand new to the world, its origins have been in the works for several years.

The co-founders of the FAN Token have been working on this thesis since well before the concept of token economies and “ICOs” ever breached the mainstream (to the extent that crypto can be classified as “mainstream”). As digital tokens began to gain popularity, the idea to leverage this technology as the mechanism for distributing real-time votes via the blockchain and utilizing tokens as a reward system became a natural fit for such a decentralized league structure.

That is to say, we are not crypto people by nature: we are sports, gaming, and digital media experts who have navigated toward this revolutionary method of engagement. As such, we’d like to tell you a bit more about who we really are.

For today’s featured co-founder, we turn our attention to the digital dude himself who first stumbled upon the idea that would eventually birth the FAN Token (while drinking at a bar with friends, of course): Mr. Grant Cohen.

In case you couldn’t tell, Grant is a bit of a University of Miami Hurricanes fan, having graduated from THE U himself in 2003, where he got his degree in media management. From there, he was unleashed upon the world of digital media and cellular devices (way back before Apple was even selling phones).

Grant started his career in the wireless space by managing marketing for AskMeNow, the most popular app in the world at the time running on connected Blackberry and Palm Pilot devices (millennials, ask your parents). He also served management roles for Ad Infuse, a mobile ad network backed by Softbank that was acquired by Velti in 2009.

Following the acquisition, Grant stayed on at Velti for several years while simultaneously pursuing other projects, including co-founding a native mobile ad business called ChirpAds. That business would acquire and merge with a company called PlayHaven as part of a greater sale to Science Inc. in 2014.

Grant has also served managing and consulting roles at mobile tech companies like OpenX and GradientX, and worked on the executive team of Kochava, where he has operated as the GM of the Kochava Collective: the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace.

The idea for fan-controlled sports first entered Grant’s consciousness way back in 2008, when he launched Project Franchise – then focused on a baseball product (Grant nearly purchased a minor league baseball team in Texas back in the day to test out his inner Veeck). That idea would morph into Project Fanchise, which then led to the Indiegogo campaign that would birth the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, who took the field in the Indoor Football League in 2017 as the world’s first fan-run professional football team.

Next step: FAN Token and the FCFL, where Grant spearheads our Digital growth. He’s kind of a big deal.

A California kid who grew up down the street from Mr. Cool himself, Joe Montana, Grant wore Niners gold throughout his childhood while cheering for one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties. He then left for Miami only to encounter another historic gridiron dynasty: the early-2000s Canes, led by Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis, and too many other stars to count. His sports allegiances cross the Bay Area, so he has continued to play witness as a fan to dynastic dominance, including the San Francisco Giants (and their MadBum-fueled string of titles) and, of course, the current Golden State Warriors, who are making a strong case as the greatest NBA team ever assembled.

He also sometimes hangs out with The Playmaker aka Michael Irvin.

Safe to say that, when the FCFL kicks off its first season, you might want to pick whichever team Grant is cheering for. Golly, that’s a lot of winning.

A word to future FCFL players: Grant has been known to sprint into the end zone for flying chest bumps, as he did following a game-winning touchdown and two-point conversion during a Screaming Eagles game last season.

Keep your heads on a swivel…

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