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When Fans Are In Charge Of Paying Players

Former Stanford student and current NFL All Pro, Richard Sherman, has recently made waves in the world of sports telling all about how the incentive laden contract he negotiated himself with the 49ers was a great deal. And it was!
“I wasn’t just going to fly by the seat of my pants. I downloaded past contracts from the NFLPA database and, with the union’s help, spent a lot of time studying the language and structure and nuances within contracts. And when all was said and done, and the 49ers and I had agreed to terms, there were a lot of things I got out of the deal that I wanted.” – Richard Sherman

So it got us thinking, that if players are negotiating contracts – so too should the fans.

In any league that adopts FAN Token as its currency, they’ll have the ability for fans to allocate tokens to players of a given team based on their on-field performance.

For example, fans of the Golden State Warriors could set a token allocation for Steph Curry if he finishes the season in the 90-50-40 club. For the FCFL, which is the first league to adopt FAN Token, we have considered enabling fans to allocate tokens to prospective league players based on their performance in college (where they “don’t get paid”) so that once those players become eligible to play in the FCFL, they already have a token allocation waiting for them as a signing bonus. Imagine how many FAN Tokens Jadeveon Clowney would have had waiting for him after his Junior year as a signing bonus.

There are endless possibilities for leagues willing to adopt the FAN Token, and all of them give fans the ability to have greater control over the sports that they know and love. As the lifeblood of fan engagement, we imagine FAN Token playing a part in sports decisions across all leagues, teams, players, and fans!

If you’re looking to get involved, visit FANToken.Network

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